Site Safety

Safety is paramount across all our operations and safety awareness is embedded in our culture, we pride ourselves with toolbox meetings, understanding off and full awareness of the job at hand, the impact and implications on various sites with sub contractors, public as well as our staff. NZ Crowne Group is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and stakeholders and our highly developed, fully accredited safety management systems are integral to all our business activities.

Civil Work

• Listen to your needs and plan your Scope of Work and define your ideal outcome.
• Corridor Access Request (CAR) – Auckland Transport approval/consent when working on their land, i.e. between private boundaries
• B4UDIG requests – existing service obstruction plans and we organise on-site mark outs for you and ourselves
• Resource consent applications and we can also provide on-site approved Arborists
• New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA) service agreements – negotiation, submittal and approval
• Traffic management plans – plans prepared for you and ourselves – site specific – all levels of roads
• Traffic management execution – shoulder closures, contra flows, lane closures and stop/go
• Trenching – specialty excavator operators for piloting in/around existing services and expose holes around large utility assets to enable drilling/thrusting
• Chain trenching – within greenfields or subdivisions, i.e. not around existing service obstructions
• Chambers, pits and manholes – fibre, data, power, sewer and stormwater
• Jointing and turning pits for all utility assets
• Oversized excavations – we can organise bespoke (made to order) trench shields and /or batter or bench for everyone’s safety – we also notify WORKSAFE of our work sites and intent
• Removal and disposal of both unsuitable and contaminated spoil
• Final reinstatement – soft (topsoil/grass seed) and hard (concrete, hotmix or decorative pavers) surfaces


NZ Crowne Group has successfully completed in a timely fashion various power projects within the greater Auckland region.


NZ Crowne Group has extensive experience working with the complex processes inherent with water namely household drinking water, storm water and waste water. We support our customers across the full asset lifecycle; from conceptual development through to design, construction, commissioning and into operations and maintenance.


NZ Crowne Group has experience working with structured cabling systems, microwave radio and fibre optic networks and we provide a full suite of maintenance and construction services for all types of networks.

We have extensive experience installing fibre optic cables by both traditional laying methods, as well as the more specialised blown fibre work. We make sure all the works to be completed within tight timeframes, paving the way to commission specialised equipment within allocated timeslots.


Our gas team provides maintenance and construction services on all equipment above and below ground from the city gate station to the end consumer’s property.
We have extensive experience in completing pressure reduction works, as well as highly qualified staff and specialised equipment to undertake the associated live gas works.

With a flexible and pragmatic pricing structure, NZ Crowne group works within the allocated budget and provides the scope to complete additional works where and when required.


Our team of specialists are well equipped to handle a range of commercial and residential demolitions as well as asbestos removal services with high professional level of skill and experience. Our staff are highly trained in New Zealand safety procedures, and we have developed a Site-Specific Safety Plan to comply with health and safety regulations.

Our team take pride in ensuring sites are managed with due care causing minimal disruption to you and residents in surrounding areas. We are happy to communicate with neighbours when necessary, to ensure that they are informed about the demolition process.

Project Management

NZ Crowne Group is highly skilled in implementing quality assured project management systems to accommodate our customers’ requirements and provide comprehensive documentation to meet all regulatory requirements.

We are experienced in managing different large projects and, with a strong culture of communication, have the capability to manage the various relationships effectively to ensure the project comes in on time and on budget.


Our trucking team are specialists and will ensure your job is finished on time and on budget by liasing with you to deliver in a timely fashion.